Why this blog (and a little about me)

Why this blog …

  • I love talking about my Tesla, and I’m not sure all my friends want to see yet another Facebook post on how awesome it is – so you can read about it here!

  • I’m hoping others will enjoy learning from my experience of owning an electric car

  • To help answer questions about owning a Tesla/electric car for people who are considering buying one

  • To clear up the misinformation that exists about Tesla and electric cars

About me:

  • I am a tech geek, and I love buying and using the latest gadgets (and talking about them)!

  • I have owned an electric car since 2011 – initially the 2012 Nissan Leaf (2011-2018), and now a Tesla Model 3, and have put over 80k miles on my electric cars

  • I absolutely love the gull wing doors on the Model X – I could spend the entire day watching them open and close

  • One of the most exciting days as an electric car owner was when Elon Musk liked a Twitter post of mine (see post below) – yes, I have a man-crush on Elon!

I hope you enjoy … please let me know topics you’d like me to write about (leave a comment below)!

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